The OneGX GUNDAM limited version release soon, which must be bought as fans!

The OneGX GUNDAM limited version release soon, which must be bought as fans!

According the last poste of one-netbook official weibo, they has got the GUNDAM series authorization from SUNRISE official. Now they are going to release the OneGx GUNDAM limited version in the future!

Since its debut in 1979, GUNDAM series has become one of the most famous, enduring and huge series of Japanese animation works. Three of them are called the three milestones of Japanese science fiction animation. In the minds of many Post-70s, 80s and 90s people, GUNDAM is an irreplaceable classic.

GUNDAM series be regarded as the king of the Japanese animation industry. Since 1979, the updated longevity animation has been published, and now it has won the most famous, enduring, largest and most profitable titles in Japan. Many games have been derived from the animation. The GUNDAM series toys model based on it has become the global of toys industry.

Onegx is a game brand owned by one-netbook company. This time, the official announcement will launch onegx series GUNDAM limited version. Many fans and game fans are very looking forward to it. as we know the reported that onegx will be able to build-in the tiger lake series processor of Intel. What kind of sparks will be generated by the combination of high and strong brands?

It is worth mentioning that the onegx is 7 inches in size only, build in Windows system and wi-fi6 support. The game handle can be disassembled and the 4G / 5G mobile network version can be selected. It is a pocket laptop that can play 3A game masterpieces. At present, the one-netbook official ID has released several onegx game videos, with clear picture quality, good screen color performance, character actions and fighting scenes Everything was smooth. This time, we believe that OneGX may bring different surprises!