Here you can find answers to most frequently asked questions about our OneMix products.

How to replace win10 system backup to win11?

VIDEO TUTURIAL: https://youtu.be/Gj6BfDSa_ho

step1: we need to switch off the windows security program.

Step2: download the file we offer

Step3: UNZIP it

Step4: double click to run”Win11tool”

Step5: type 2 and press enter key to run, when you see this window to chose option”install windows 11(delete user programs and data)

Step6: make sure your device connect with internet(because program need to download the win11 files with internet)

Step7: this program will auto download the files it need, now we only need to wait till download finish.

Step8: when program download finish, you will see the window info require you to press any keys (total twice). After that, this program will auto close window and your device will reboot into BIOS in 10 seconds.

How to enable TPM function of ONEXPLAYER

VIODE TUTURIAL: https://youtu.be/zgkm3W2CKqU

STEP 1: Download the file we offer (don’t change any one documents name)

STEP 2: UNZIP the file.

STEP 3: Run the windows command script name”FBIOS” as administrator

STEP 4: press any key to continue when you see this window

STEP 5: IMPORTANT!!! ONEXPLAYER have 3 different screen model

” 03  02 and 01″ you need to check the SN lable which stick under the  back kickstand.

Make sure you type the correct screen version! Otherwise your ONEXPLAYER screen may be in black screen like dead.

STEP 6: when you see this info mean install successful. press any key to continue.

STEP 7: open system device manager. Check the security device. Then you can see TPM enable now.

How to solve we cannot activate win10?

System will activate win10 automatically when we connect the internet. then we can get license
win10. this may take few mins, sometimes we have to waiting for around 10 mins or more.
if we are unlucky, system unable to activate win10, we can do it by ourself.

1. We can try to connect WIFI and open browser to view a websit. make sure internet working correctly

2. Click system setting, and chose activate option, click Troubleshooting to activate win10.

Change the system language

When you update the system version. If you meet the bug of system language change into Chinese. you can switch the language to another as you want. Just follow the solution to set it.

step1-onemix language

step2-onemix language

step3-onemix language

step4-onemix language

step5-onemix language

step7-onemix language

step8-onemix language

step9-onemix language

step10-onemix language

step12-onemix language

step13-onemix language

step14-onemix language

How to sreach license key?


Run GetMBkey.cmd after you unzip it.

How to reinstall win10 by USB disk

If you can enter One Key Recovery interface, i recommend you reinstall Windows 10 by choosing the (A) restoration the factory system to reinstall system, if you can’t do this for any reason such as can’t access One Key Recovery , you can download OS on our download page and install OS by USB disk.


Download OS from our download page


the OS on our download page is a version with full drivers so it is larger than a normal one, the tutorial of creating a bootable USB disk is here. Click to read

How to use it

1, long press power button for 2 seconds. Press FN+F7 when you see power led on.
onemix reinstall 5
2. How we make sure USB disk is work?
This is the picture when you do not insert USB Disk
onemix reinstall 6
This is the new option when you insert USB disk, this is the USB disk we made.
onemix reinstall 7
3, Chose the USB disk we insert. the system will auto install OS
   Note: Preload OS will delete all information and all the storage partitions. remember to backup your personal information.
onemix reinstall 8

How to reset and format win10

we create a fast format Program. its different with win10 reset function. this is fast reset and format.  C disk total 128GB. check this picture. now we try to show you how to use it.
onemix reset 1
1, long press power button for 2 seconds. Press FN+F7 when you see power led on.
onemix reset 2
2, chose: Other Boot Item( PE reset instruction)
onemix reset 3
3, you will see this UI when you enter PE, type A and press enter button to format system.
onemix reset 4
Note: Fast format function will delete all the data in your C disk. the files in another Disk are safe. So, you can backup your personal files or data to D disk or your USB disk.
onemix reset 5
4, it will auto reboot when it format done
onemix reset 7
onemix reset 8

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