M3- 8100Y

Intel® CoreTM

7- inch IPS




360° Flip

2 in 1

Fingerprint reader

security encryption

2048 Level

Stylus Pen

Powerful performance

Your workstation in your hand

Equipped with Intel 8th generation CoreTM CPU

The 8th generation Core M3- 8100Y CPU is so powerful, it is based on the newest 14nm technology and has a max turbo frequency of 3.4GHz. It ensure you can do anything as fast as you imagine.

  • M3- 8100Y

    8th generation CoreTM

  • 3.4GHz

    Turbo Boost

Core M3- 8100Y Multicore performance

7th generation Core M3 Multicore performance

As tiny as a mobile phone

Designed for business , the 7- inch size is super portable and still
maintains strong performance, and is entrusted with the responsibility
to open your efficient office journey anytime, anywhere.


Weight 515g

Take One-Netbook with you

Easy to carry, helpful to work.

PCIe SSD, Faster than you think

With the PCIe SSD , you don’t have to waste a lot of time on waiting for the system to start or the application to load. SSD is not only very fast, stability and silent performance is also excellent.



Mutal transform between tablet and laptop.

Support 360° flip-and-fold, OneMix2 can easily become a touchable-screen tablet . You can easily change it between laptop mode and tablet mode according your need.

Yoga 360° Technology

All-metal CNC carving, exellent touch feeling

It has a unibody case of CNC aluminum- magnesium alloy , and the elegant rounded corners have an outstanding texture and feel, demonstrating its calm business atmosphere.

  • CNC

  • all- metal

New introduced Fingerprint Identification technology

One- Netbook espeially care about the conviniance of our users, Onemix 2S has the new added fingerprint reader, now you can log in system by touching fingerprint reader instead of entering a password.

7-inch, never underestimate

The 7- inch FHD full- touch IPS display screen, double- sided thin- border design, the whole body is only one-third the size of the conventional 14- inch notebook.

  • 324


  • 85%

    display-body ratio

  • 1920*1200


Bussiness on the go

Support PD protocol
Charge by mobile power

PD protocol make it charge faster, save much of time and it can also support mobile power charging like a mobile phone. Both of the technologies enhance the mobility of OneMix2S.

Pre-installed genune
Windows 10

we pre-installed newest windows
system to bring the best experience
to you.

Processor and storage


  • M3-8100Y
  • 3.4 GHz
  • Dual-Core
  • RAM&Storage


  • 8G RAM
  • 256G PCIe SSD





  • Body:515g
  • Pen:17g



  • 7-inch IPS
  • 1920*1200 resolution
  • Touchable


  • .6500 mAh
  • Built-in battery,
  • Charging: 12V 2.5A

Multimedia playback

  • MP4
  • M4V
  • MKV
  • XVID
  • WAV
  • AAC
  • MP3
  • AMR
  • FLAC
  • APE

* Supports video formats such as H.265 / HEVC (Main profile), H.264 (Baseline/Main/High profile), MPEG4 (Simple profile / ASP), and supports PCM, AAC / AAC+ / eAAC+, MP3, AMR –

Packing list

  • * OneMix2/ Power Adapter / Guarantees / Manual/ Protction Case

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